Dr. Umar Johnson

Black communist brothers and sisters would argue – that class – created racism – that capitalism –  developed racism  – in order to  – perpetuate – and sustain its greed – those of us who are Pan-African say hell no you can eliminate capitalism today or tomorrow – you still will have racism – you have racism in communist countries – you have racism in religious nationalist countries –  you have racism in capitalist countries  – you have racism under every type – of  government the European has. It is not the economic or political system that breeds racism – it is the natural hatred that the European has for the African – and the natural jealousy that the european has for the African’s past – his historical accomplishment – there’s three things that necessitates the extermination of the African and the benefit of the european – (1) your genetic power – if the european wants to exterminate Africans he must kill him – if the African wants to exterminate the europeans all he has to do is cohabitate with their women – you can exterminate an entire population of europeans just through your genetic power – that – is a – significant threat – that’s one of the reasons why segregation is as important to europeans today as it was yesterday – the reason why they don’t want black people in their community is  – because your son might end up with their daughter  – and by doing that- you threaten the gene pool – it’s about the survival of a recessive gene trait  – so biologically Europeans must be segregation by nature  – if they believe in self-love  – just like black people must have been conditioned to hate themselves if they are integrative in nature  – because integration destroys – segregation preserves  – so first you have the biological need – of course you have the capitalistic need  – why – because Africa is the richest piece of real estate – on the face of the earth. It is the only continent – of the six – that can survive – totally self-sustaining – without the need to do business – with any of the other 5 continents – europe is not a continent. Africa – could do its business  – and take care of it’s people  – without the need of europe  – asia – or any other continent  – not north america not south america – africa can be self-subsistent  – and that’s why the world bank – the international monetary fund – the bilderbergs the trilateral commission  – the order of rome – this is why they impose – structural adjustment programs on africa – they break their economies – they prevent them from being able to control any of the goods that they sell – so they can pull all their american junk in africa – and as a result of that – european capitalists are rich – and africa gets – broker and broker. They’re jealous of you cause of your genetic power – they’re jealous of you of your resourceful power in terms of africa  – they’re jealous of you of your historical accomplishments –  everybody knows that the greatest civilizations on earth – were – is not limited to egypt – were all africa. everybody knows africa once ruled the world – but they didn’t rule it with a gun they ruled it with their mind. everybody came and drunk from the knowledge and wisdom – of the mother continent. That breeds jealousy. If i know you have a history of success – and i don’t – that breeds jealousy – if i know you can exterminate my race just by cohabitating with my women – that breeds jealousy. And the third reason that europeans  fear africans – and one of the main reasons why they want to exterminate african people – is because – they are afraid – that if we ever came into power – we would do to them what they have done to us – so they is not really the guilt – but the fear  – the fear of karma – the fear of ma’at – the fear of being payed back  – by the people whom you have mistreated  – in the same manner in which they have been mistreated  – or possibly ten times worse. So yes – if you are a European – you go to sleep every night possibly wondering about what would ever happen if that black man – took control of the world

- Dr. Umar Johnson

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